CJTL History

CJTL Radio signed on the air in October of 2008. The Station project was started By Frank Drown.  In the early 50′s Frank and his wife Marie were  living among the Native people in Equator when 5 of their closest friends were Martyred. Frank wrote a famous Book called Mission to the Headhunters that tells about how they spent 30 years in the jungle living among the very ones who killed their friends. Frank and Marie retired and moved to Kansas City and then visited Canada with friends and went to a fishing camp. Frank made friends easily and learned of the Ojibwa/Cree population and began his cross cultural ministry to them.

Since the Native reservations were spread out across so much vast area of the Canadian bush, Frank decided that radio would be a good way to reach out to them to share the Gospel and encourage the believers that already existed in many of these remote villages.

Frank contacted the Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and began the process of getting a radio license assigned to them.

With help from Gal Com international and many volunteers, Frank purchased land and a building in Pickle lake, a tower and studio was built and The NEFC was ready to begin broadcasting.

Gal com suggested applying for a license in Thunder Bay as well and the CRTC granted both licenses allowing CJTL to reach people in Pickle Lake and the Nearby Reservation, and Aboriginal people in Thunder Bay.

Today CJTL is planning expansion into the Reservations at Round Lake and Garden Hill. We are also starting the work required to build a station in Winnipeg.