3 Differences Between Radio and Podcasts

You might hear the term ‘podcast’ more often today. It is often used instead of ‘radio’, but there are many differences between the two and here you will know about it.

Schedule or on-demand

The listening habits and scheduling differ between podcast and radio. In the case of live radio, there is a fixed schedule. The program takes place exactly at that time. There is a start and an ending time of the program, and you cannot deviate from that slot. So, if the audiences are not on time for the show, they will miss listening to part of the program.

For this, the radio host often repeats his name, the name of the program, and other details even in the middle of the program so that those who have missed can know what program they are listening to.

In the case of podcasts, it is possible to download the episodes of the program anytime according to the listeners’ convenience. The host doesn’t need to repeat the name of the program and other introductory details.

Niche vs mass appeal

The radio has a mass appeal. The radio stations create lots of content focusing on different topics. So, people can stay tuned for a longer time. Podcasts are for a niche audience. It focuses on specific topics. For example, there can be an entire podcast on ‘business’.

Editing option

The live radio programs cannot be edited once it has been broadcast. But podcasts can be pre-recorded. So, you can edit the program later on. So, if there is any mistake, you have the option to correct it in a podcast, but not on live radio.

With both live radio and podcasting, you can create excellent content. As you know the difference between the two now, you can easily select the medium that best suits you.