Online radio stations are very popular today. Many people are opening up their online radio stations easily. If you want to follow in their footsteps and want to have your online radio station, then you should read several books related to the topic.

It’s a new technology and so not many people know about it. By reading books you will get a thorough understanding of the concept of online radio. Here are some books we recommend.

Web Radio

By – Chris Priestman

If you are interested to start a low-cost internet radio station, then you should read this book. The information and advice given in the book will help you to set up your internet radio station. You will gain a lot of practical and technical knowledge about it. You will learn about the legal requirements of the radio stations.

Planning is very important, and this book will help you plan to develop an online radio station. You will learn how to promote your radio station, broadcast music, news, and other things.

You will read about case studies that will show you how various organizations are running their radio stations, what challenges they are facing, and what they are doing about it.

Broadcast Voice Handbook

By – Ann S. Utterback

This book is written by a consultant in voice improvement. The author is very experienced in this area, and you will learn a lot about voice improvement from her. She provides advice to large corporations like CNN, CBS, and others.

You will learn how to improve the quality of voice for hosting shows on radios. You will know how to articulate words, improve resonance, make your voice natural and warmer, and other things related to voice improvement.

Radio Secrets

By – David Lloyd

This book will teach you how to captivate audiences. You will know how to stand out from the other hosts of radio programs. You will learn about music presentation, formatting techniques, and other technical aspects. If you are a newcomer in this industry, then you will enjoy reading the book.

How to Start Internet Radio

By – Muzec Adem

The best thing about internet radio service is that you can access it from anywhere. Due to 5G, you also get uninterrupted broadcast of radio programs. You can now easily listen to the radio in Australia or Europe. In this book, you will learn how to start your internet radio.

These books will help you have a better understanding of online radio stations and programs. You will be able to host like a professional and improve other related skills.