Top Gambling Podcasts You Should Follow

Online gambling has completely engulfed the casino industry. People now gamble in trusted online casinos in Canada and play various online casino games. They also bet on sports through these sites.

Nowadays, you will notice that radio stations are conducting programs on gambling, especially sports betting. In many radio stations, gambling is a hot topic today due to its popularity. Here are some podcasts that you should follow if you are interested in gambling.

Sports Gambling Podcast Network

This podcast has various programs on betting topics, mainly sports betting. The programs are about college sports, soccer, NBA, and more. The podcast provides good insights into the sports market and even fantasy sports. The programs are hosted by experts with many years of betting experience.

Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast

This podcast provides lots of hints and tricks for betting. You will know how to enhance your gambling experience. In the various programs, you will get advice from gambling authors, casino staff, and others related to gambling.

Betting Dork

The host of this podcast is a mathematician and a professional gambler. You will learn about free picks and value bets here. The host will show you ways to bet strategically with a lot of thinking and not just by following your gut feeling or intuition. You will get an overview of the sportsbooks and can choose the best one to gamble.

Gambling with an edge

This podcast is broadcast weekly from Las Vegas. Coming from the gambling capital, different gambling topics are covered in the show. You will find interviews of professional gamblers, statisticians, and casino insiders.

These podcasts will help you to learn more about sports betting and other casino games. Interviews and tips that you get from these podcasts will help you to win money by gambling.